The next Botness event will take place on September 6 & 7, 2017 in Montreal. More info soon. Contact us


Bots in the City (past event)

Botness is a two-day gathering in NYC on November 4-5, 2016 at NYU/ITP.  We'll discuss all things bots: startups, tools, bots for work and play, discovery, and engagement. We will work together to shape the evolving technologies to support innovation & open collaboration.

Bots and AI promise to simplify, humanize, and model technology around the way people think and converse. After a wonderful bot spring, this fall we'll gather in NYC, to share lessons learned and plan how we can best work together to help bots work across operating systems, messaging, apps, and websites, to create a vibrant ecosystem.

(see also related bot conferences this fall including: O'Reilly Bot Day and the Talkabot)

Organized by

  • Dan O'SullivanNYU
  • Lili ChengMicrosoft
  • Jon BrunerO'Reilly Radar
  • Ben
  • Brady ForrestIgnite/Highway1
  • Amir ShevatSlack
  • Ivar ChanKik
  • Chris MessinaIndependent
  • Hilary MasonFast Forward Labs
  • John Borthwickbetaworks
  • Andy MauroAutomat
  • Clive ThompsonWired
  • Brad AbramsGoogle
  • Tom